Our situation

Hi all,

We would like to address the big ugly bastard of an elephant in the room:
We stopped selling the grips.
(Want one anyways? Read till the end.)

Back in 2019, Sjef made grip for himself based on the Hoyt Radian grip because he loved the shape and feel of it. After many people told him they would like to have one of those too, we started exploring options to produce them and sell them through our Triple Trouble platform.
A lot of time and effort was put into making a 3d model of this grip, getting in contact with manufacturers, getting prototypes done and eventually putting our trust (and our own money) in a company.
The first batch flew off the shelves and was nearly sold out in the first week of launch. Surprised and humbled by the demand, we immediately ordered more with the money we had earned with the first batch. The second batch was great and lasted us a bit longer but we learned from the long waiting time and ordered our third batch in time (or so we thought).

This moment in time is when the problems started. Our small business had gained some momentum and orders kept coming in, but no grips were showing up on our doorstep. We contacted the manufacturer time after time just to receive apologies and promises of delivery times. Our customers understandably were growing more annoyed by every delay couldn’t do a thing about it.

Fast forward several months, and our grips finally arrived! We quickly opened the package to make product photos for the new grips (new colours and shapes) and soon discovered that most of the grips we had ordered, arrived damaged, had fitment issues and were just not up to the standard of the previous batches.

We contacted the manufacturer and after first denying that it was their fault, they finally agreed to refund us if we sent the grips back. We were heartbroken but wanted to keep going so this was the only option at that point. We sent the package back, just for it to stay in transit for a couple months and then we got the package back in rough shape again. The manufacturer kept telling us that they could do nothing about it. Oh and the refund? Not a chance! They just started ghosting us.

We tried two more times before getting to our current situation:

We’ve invested all our earnings and have nothing to show for it.
The manufacturer is ghosting us.
We have spent countless hours of hard work into this project with no return at all.
We feel like we disappointed all of you guys, especially those who pre-ordered.

So enough is enough, here’s what we want to do now:
We want to redeem ourselves a little by selling whatever we deem sellable for a reduced price, if you are interested in a grip, take a look at our webshop for stock levels.

We hope this message clears up the situation a bit and now that this ‘weight’ is off our shoulders… We are looking at options for some new videos as well.

Thanks for your patience and understanding,
Triple Trouble