Sjef van den Berg

Sjef is one of the original founders of Triple Trouble. With his many years of experience on the highest podium in the world, he wanted to give the audience more insights to his life as an athlete. He set up Triple Trouble Archery in late 2016 and the rest is history! Varying from pro-tips to fun video’s, Sjef will be there with a great mix of humor and knowledge to get the best target archery video’s on YouTube!

Gijs Broeksma

Gijs is our youngest member and together with Sjef, he founded Triple Trouble Archery in late 2016. He’s combining archery and school and just left the junior category to build up a career in the senior division. Gijs’ edit skills helped Sjef to create a more professional looking YouTube channel.

Jaap Bolt

Jaap is our traditional archery expert who we found somewhere in the forest when we tried 3D shooting once. Jaap makes his own bows that he sells too (Check out his Facebook page below ;-). He studied woodworking and is a true genius when it comes to designing and producing handmade wooden products. You’ll be seeing more of this in the future!