GRIP by Sjef (W&W, Wiawis)


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Exact copy of Sjef’s grip, adapted to fit W&W/Wiawis. Gijs Broeksma is currently shooting and loving this grip!

Sjef was the first European to break the 690-barrier in competition with this grip shape. Designed by an Olympian, World Champion and WorldCup Winner, made out of premium walnut wood.

• Designed by Olympian Sjef van den Berg

• Premium walnut wood

The grip is a fit for the following W&W/Wiawis recurve bows:

  • Nano TFT/TFT-G
  • Inno CXT/CXT Light
  • ATF, ATF-X
  • Winex
  • Winact-VT
  • Meta DX
  • Radical-Pro

Unfortunately we haven’t received the same quality grips as before and therefore have divided them in ‘B’ and ‘C’ quality. 

  • ‘B’ Quality will get you a solid grip, just with a rougher finish than what we offered before.
  • ‘C’ Quality will get you the same proven grip shape as the original Triple Trouble grip, just with some imperfections in the wood



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GRIP by Sjef (W&W, Wiawis)